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The translation in these pages isn't made by any language professor, so there might and will be mistakes. Forgive me my faults...

Nuka is two year old female AHT, born in Sipoo, Finland. She was grown under Sari's and Ari's gentle care. Nuka's home is in Central-Finland, but she has spent a significant part of her life in Spain with the rest of the family. There has been a lot of events in her life: she has travelled and even got her first litter. In the summer 2006, she gave birth to two adorable male puppies.

The last winter Nuka is spent her time in Spain with the rest of her family. At the moment the home of her and puppiesa is in Central-Finland.

Nuka is full of energy, like any other good AHT. Her favourite ways to spend a day are hunting lizards (in spain), running around, and sunbathing. Just relaxing is also a lot of fun. She is very intelligent and learns things fast. But the most important: she is the real conqueror of hearts despite of cultural differences!

We suffer from allergies like many AHT-owners do. With the hairless dog it is easier to minimize the dander with regular bathing and greasing. You can't say that AHT would be a totally allergy free breed, because other things that come out from the dog, like saliva and urine, can also cause allergies. For some of us allergy sufferers AHT and other hairless breeds might be a blessing, but you can never say for sure. Anyway, we have been okay with Nuka. If you want more information about allergies and AHTs check our link list. If you want to ask us something or just say hello, you can write us e-mail to the following address: meriliisi@meriliisi.net

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